Tesco Five Forces Analysis

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Michael Porter’s proofs a framework that shapes and shakes an industry as being influences by 5 forces(Porter, 1985) .A smart business manager will develop an edge over rival firm just to be ahead in the Market ahead of their rival and adopt the strategy which the company will use for better understand of the industry context in which the firm will operate. This model was named after Michael E Porter. Which identifies and analyzes 5 competitive forces that shape every industry and helps identifies the weakness and strengths also.

Tesco Plc adopt this strategy to know their Weakness and strength in the market against other competitors just to not to fall of the wagon and also to know where they are making ground and not reliant on their effort just as to make more customers and that automatically leads to more sales and more profit.

There are 5 Porter forces and will be discuss below

(1)Threat of substitute Good and Product .

The Threat of substitutes in the grocery retail market is really low in the market because Tesco been a big company has a lot of substitute Good in their stores therefore threat of
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The Slow market Growth means increase in market shares from competitors means the market is tough and this is a Threat for

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