Tesco Malaysia Observation

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On Thursday May 6, 2010. I went to the Tesco supermarket at Puchong. At first I came to Malaysia, I don’t know about Tesco, because they not open a branch in my country, Indonesia. I only know the supermarket like Giant and Carrefour. First of all, I think Tesco is a local company, but several times later I know that Tesco is originally from UK. I like to come in weekdays so it’s not crowded as on weekends.
One day, I heard about supermarket psychology was when someone explained to me that the most appealing products were always shown at eye level. When the product is placed at eye level, you are easier to pick it up and subsequently buying it. That’s only the beginning. Long time before I never care about how the supermarket layout
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It also leads people to bring a big trolley and put in their hand-carried, and sometimes shop with the big trolleys persuade us to buy more.
Tesco is hypermarket for family that offers a lot of variety on the products, from kids till adult, for man and woman. Tesco tagline is “ For You and Your Family” In the purpose create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty, they also offering the club card. Beside that they also have their own Tesco brand with the affordable price and cheaper than other brand because the concept is to help us spend less. They offer a wide range of Tesco brand product. They like to encourage us to buy more by giving promotions and cheaper price if you buy more than one. Because of that, people tend to buy in big amount rather than only one. They expect to get cheaper price from it. They provide the experience to make a loyal customer as a king by give many promotions and also rewards point if they purchase using the club card. Somehow, it makes customer who have the card tended to become a loyal customer for Tesco. They eager to collect the points as many as possible because they believe they are saving a lot of money if they regularly purchase using the member card and will get the bonus voucher for next time.
The environmental cues could categorized as social, design, and ambient. All of them are related each other to create a good shopping experience for the customer. Not only the used of signs that make the store

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