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Tesco Speech Thank you, please be seated, it is an honor for me to speak here for you today at the London School of Economics. As you may know my name is Tom Johnson and I am the PR assistant for Tesco, which is one of the largest retailers in the world, and that title have some expectations committed to it. I am here today to give a speech for you about Tesco’s current situation, and how we plan to deal with it, as one of the largest retailers. With the changing consumer behavior in kept in mind. If you come up with any questions during the show, you will have to remember them till the end, where I will be answering all your answers. Our last twelve-month have not been pretty, especially not on the bottom line. The past…show more content…
When the costumers use their club cards we get all sorts of data. So we know if we have to store more of one particular item, or give it more or less space on the shelves. This is of cause totally anonymous. For only one reason: to personalize the experience at Tesco. The Asian department has done outstanding we have had huge success in Thailand and in China with serving fresh fish. Something we do not focus as much on in the European stores. We are also very proud of staff especially in Thailand, during the flooding the staff provided the victims of the flooding with good and fresh food, an outstanding performance. The focus of our new initiatives will only be domestic, so we do not have a lot on our plate. We need to focus on our quality, together with our new warmer look and feel. Make it feel like the local grocer, with freshly baked bread and fresh vegetables. We have also give our own “everyday value” products a whole new more appealing design, that indicates quality. Clicks and Bricks is our most groundbreaking initiative, we to keep up with today’s technology otherwise we will not be on the market in the future, because of that we have created a whole new Tesco app, where you can order your food on your phone, while you are at home, and simply just pick up what you ordered when you get there. Or you can get your groceries delivered to your address. We have also made new technological initiative that will blown your mind. It is a

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