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1.0 INTRODUCTION In our research report, we aim to understand how Tesco UK does their marketing activities. The marketing activities include the way Tesco UK does their segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) so that they can know where to concentrate their commercial efforts. By doing so, the organisation’s resources can be effectively and more efficiently utilised. Not only that, we also look into Tesco UK’s assessment of current situation with respect to the marketing environment which consists of economic, competitive, technological, sociocultural and political and legal forces. This assessment is done to enable Tesco UK to modify their marketing strategies and plans so as to stay relevant in this ever dynamic environment. …show more content…
This means the marketing mix for their upmarket segment is different from the marketing mix for their less affluent segment. The marketing mix for upmarket segment would have higher pricing, higher quality product, more promotions or advertisements is needed and available in more affluent area. For example, Tesco Finest products are developed from the above mentioned marketing mix. Equally, the Tesco Value products has its own marketing mix as well because these products targets people with less disposable income and for people who are looking for just reasonable value

and quality products. A differentiated targeting strategy chosen by Tesco UK is good because it enables Tesco UK to capture a larger market by targeting and offering different products for different segments. Positioning: Having done the above two steps - segmenting the market and selecting specific target market, positioning a brand within the target markets is the final part of the STP process. Tesco UK’s positioning goes by the tagline of ‘Every Little Helps’. They believe that every little help rendered by them would hopefully make the shopping easier for their customers. This can be seen where they go the extra mile to customize their website to be user-friendly so that customers can save time, money and get the most out of the ordering from online. Tesco UK wants their

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