Tesco Plc : Public Limited Company

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INTRODUCTION. Tesco plc (public limited company) is a multinational grocery and general merchandise company founded by John Edward Cohen commonly knows as Jack Cohen in 1919 in hackney London. It has its headquarters in Cheshunt Hertfordshire, England. The name Tesco came about in 1924 when Cohen bought a shipment of tea from T E stockwell, he then took the first two letters of his surname (CO) and added it to the TES where he made the purchase which resulted to TESCO. In 1924, Tesco had its first brand and opened its first store in burnt oak Edgware, Middlesex in 1929. The rapid growth of the business resulted to over 100 stores in the country as of 1939. Tesco focused on grocery since 1939 until early 1990 's when it extended its operations to financial services, petrol and software, clothing, telecom and internet services. It has the highest number of store across UK. • Tesco runs its retail outlets in six setups: • TESCO Extra (larger and stocks almost all Tesco’s product ranges). • TESCO Express (neighborhood convenience stores and stocking high margin food products). • TESCO Metro (found in city centres and on the high streets of towns) • TESCO Home plus (stores having different non-food items) • One stop (the word TESCO is not included in its name and included some of the smallest stores). As of 4th of August 2014, Tesco had a market
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