Tesco - Product, Price, Place and Promotion Essay

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Tesco - Product, Price, Place and Promotion Product, price, place and promotion are all essential factors that Tesco need to take into consideration when ensuring the success of their business. How ever there are a variety of different aims and objectives in which Tesco have to pursue, therefore in the following paragraphs my primary objective to demonstrate how each of the 4 p’s interfere with Tesco’s aims and objectives. The aims in which I am going to study are: * Full global expansion as a business * Become a very profitable business * To make the business people value the most * Maintain market dominance * To be as strong in food as in non food * To have loyal and committed staff In order for Tesco to fully…show more content…
If Tesco’s want to expand further on the vast amount of profit they are currently making then their main concern would be product. Customer satisfaction is Tesco’s primary objective therefore innovative and quality goods are needed to be produced in order to satisfy their customer needs. This customer satisfaction then leads to the customers buying more of Tesco’s innovative and quality products, which then eventually results in the business making a profit from the goods that they are offering to the public. So if Tesco’s intend to expand on their already highly profitable business then they must continue to research into innovative and original products to maintain maximum customer attention and satisfaction. Not only is product a factor of the 4 p’s in which they aim to research in but also price is another matter and issue which needs to be taken into consideration. Tesco’s reputation is known for its excellent value, low prices for innovative and quality goods and services. In order to continue to gain profit then they must continue to offer their customers value in price. I believe if they want their business to continue to increase in the immense amount of profit they are making then there prices to the customers should simply be reasonable, not too low and certainly not too expensive. There are a range of different superstores supplied right across the UK and the

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