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Tesco speech in Bakersfield Dear residents of Bakersfield. My name is Allan Marsh. I’m a big adversary of Tesco’s almost monopoly like expansion on the British market. Furthermore, I was the mastermind of a successful, and very similar, campaign like this. I led the campaign called “Herne against Tesco”. As with your case Tesco also wanted to close our local pub, and build an express store. For starters we tried to be reasonable and appeal to their logical side, by pointing out that it would be meaningless for Tesco to have a store there, due to parking limitations around the building. However, our callout was ignored completely. They continued their construction plans. Therefore, we had to take drastic measures. So I gathered…show more content…
However, it won’t be a walk in the park! Tesco is legally covered and knows their way around every crack of the construction law. They know that pubs are ideal targets for express stores, due to the small amounts of square feet, which allows them to avoid the construction permission as well as closing on Sundays. Therefore, we cannot fight them legally; we just have to show them our discontent of their stores. But why am I such an adversary of Tesco you might ask. I feel they destroy hundreds of small communities by overpowering and siphoning the money away from the locals with promises of more jobs etc. However, that is an entirely obscure postulate from Tesco in my opinion. On the contrary I think they rob the locals of jobs, by overpowering the small grocery- and retail stores, and destroying the character of beautiful small British communities. And it is happening every day, right before our eyes, not just in Britain but also abroad - Tesco is taking over. Furthermore, people have a tendency to tug the problems under the carpet, and be wrapped up in their own life’s. But how do we stop Tesco’s monopolization? As mentioned earlier it is not a walk in the park, it’s going to take hard work from every community with this exact problem. Nevertheless, there is an answer; the answer is a united effort. Alone no one will hear us, especially not a
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