Tesco Strategic Options

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Tesco Strategic Options Expansion Tesco has already established in UK, Europe, Asia and USA and has 6531 stores globally. Tesco continues to open into further new markets in order to increase its market share and market growth. Diversification This is a most risky strategy as organisation enters into new market where it has no information available or less experience. The risk could be failure of acceptance of products by consumers not making enough sales. Tesco has diversified its market by launching different non-food products into new markets. Tesco enjoys long-term success due to being focused and Tesco has main core vision, which remains same while the corporate strategies change according to the changing world. Due…show more content…
How quick Tesco respond to customers’ queries. Quality measures It measures the quality levels of products and services. Tesco will measure by number of complaints received from customers or number of rework has to be done to a particular product. Implementation of Strategic Plans Strategic plan helps to determine long term and short-term goals and emphasis on the areas that are needed to focus. There are five main steps involved in the implementation of strategic plan. • Analyse or evaluate the strategic plan • Establish a vision for this particular strategic plan • Communicate plan to the staff • Regular meetings to evaluate the implementation of strategies. • Keep the top management informed regarding progress of implementation. Dissemination process to get commitment from the stakeholder in Tesco In order to get the commitment from customer and to retain them. Tesco should determine appropriate process to make effective communication to the customer. The effective dissemination processes are explained the following. • Media: To make a positive communication with Stakeholders Tesco can contact by media to get their feedback. • Newspapers: To make the effective communication Tesco can use newspaper to make them involved and informing them regarding their contribution. Monitor
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