Tesco : The Largest Retail Chain Of The Uk Essay

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Company overview
Tesco is British transnational corporation and in the same time the largest retail chain in the UK, where company manages more that 2700 shopping centers. The headquarter of the Tesco is situated in the city Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
Company sales foodstuffs and industrial goods, it uses such commercial formats as supermarket, hypermarket, convenience store and other. In addition, about 2,700 stores are located in 14 countries outside the United Kingdom, most of all in Poland, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Japan, Hungary etc. The impressive size of the loyal customers army in 12 million people, that are holders of the “Tesco Clubcard” which is loyalty program that was launched in the UK in 1995 is the best proof that Tesco offers its customers an excellent combination of price and quality.
Taken together, all this makes Tesco the leader not only of British but also of the global retail market. Tesco’s commercial network is ranked third in the world in terms of turnover (after Wal-Mart and Carrefour) and number two in terms of profits (after Wal-Mart).
Futher, I would like to list and describe three the most important reasons, why Tesco decided to go global. First reason and the most clarifying was to increase sales. As it was mention above Tesco become UK’s largest retail chain, thus one of the way to increase sales was to expand the scope of activities and break away from domestic market, in order to by exploiting local advantages enter foreign

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