Tesco Utilising the Marketing Mix

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Tesco Utilising The Marketing Mix

Tesco is one of the world’s international retailers and is recognised as the market leader in the UK supermarket sector. Tesco state that their core purpose is ‘to create value for customers to earn their life time loyalty’
Evaluate how Tesco and other supermarkets utilise the marketing mix to compete in the market place.

Tesco is the leading retailer with a market share in 2010 of 29.7% (Wright, 2012), a reason they have proven to be such a successful business is because of their well thought through slogan ‘every little helps’ which is simultaneously used to shape their core values, the slogan is now embedded throughout every aspect of the organisation. Tesco along with many other business use the
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Place in the marketing mix looks at where the product/service is sold whether it’s on the internet, a small corner shop or a massive shop. A new place for the supermarket sector to sell at is the internet, because more and more consumers are working longer hours to get money it is simply much easier for them to do an online shop rather than having to go to the shop, which is shown well in Tesco’s new advert. Tesco’s have made the internet shopping experience their own as they are currently the fastest growing online retailer 
in volume terms in the clothing, footwear and accessories market (Tesco PLC, 2011) as well as a 15% growth in the online business (Tesco PLC, 2012) proving that when they invested in the internet shopping experience they have helped ‘to create a value for customers to earn their life time loyalty. As well as this, they understand the local market of stores where some local stores have lower prices on a limited range of goods (Anonymous, 2000) building up customer relations to create higher quality services and increase the customer loyalty. Asda has also advanced onto the online

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