Tesco 's Marketing Pl Tesco

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Executive Summary
As the UK market becomes more saturated over the years, Tesco will be in need of a new marketing plan that will allow them to enter other markets.
Tesco attempted to penetrate the US market with its own shops and failed leading to a loss of $1.3 billion. Penetrating other markets may be better only if joint ventures are achieved, a prime example of that is the joint venture with Tata (IB times, 2014a).
Even though Tesco are using more money than any other retailer with their marketing budget, Tesco’s marketing is deemed unsuccessful. Tesco have failed marketing their brand well, Tesco’s clubcard does not allow them to spend their marketing budget properly. Removal after using the data for Ansoff’s matrix may be the best option.
Tesco PLC
Tesco is a British company that of with its headquarters in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Founded by Jack Cohen in 1919, it was a stall in London selling surplus groceries. Today, Tesco owns over 6,700 stores worldwide, serving tens of millions of people per week (Tesco PLC, 2014a). It’s the world’s 3rd largest retailer with stores in 14 different countries including China, India, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, and Slovakia (Tesco PLC, 2014b). Tesco sell many products, including fresh food, clothing and electronics; also offering services.
Tesco aims to expand its business scope and diversify internationally in pursuit of a strong and sustainable long-term growth (Tesco PLC, 2014c.). Its corporate vision and key strategic
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