Tescos Legal, Political and Social Factors

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Political, Legal and Social Factors Task P6: Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders Each businesses have different factors which will influence how that will impact the business activities. Tesco for example have a lot of factors which they need to consider so they can have a successful business, these factors are: Political factors Legal factors Social The political factors are the factors that is related to the governments policy which can have an effect on their business. Most businesses keep an eye on any political factors such as any new legislations which have been introduced or any old legislations which could have…show more content…
In addition they focus on improving the skills of the employees which includes training schemes and education, which adds further cost. Tesco's may have training days to help support the staff to widen the skills they use in Tesco's. They may have to pay to send the staff on these training days but in the long term it could increase the amount of money they make because they will be more productive and be more skillful than before. Another factor would be provide which is infrastructure and the links they have with the internet. This could include online shopping. Tesco's have their own online shopping on the internet for people who prefer to use the internet to get their shopping from online. Once the order has been placed Tesco's then deliver the food or products the next day. This also helps people who may not be able to make it to the stores itself like customers who are very busy with work and even the disabled people so again it opens a new customer base which means they again will make more money. Tesco are always influenced by customers and aim to operate around their needs. Another factor which influences Tesco are the legal factors. The Legal factors could affect Tesco's activities may be company/contract law. Each of which may protect employees and consumers. There must be written evidence within the contract that the employee signs to say that the employer will make sure that any details given to them will be secured and shared with no one else.
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