Tesla 2015 : Best Features Buyers Guide

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Tesla 2015: Best Features Buyers Guide

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In the wave of increasing fuel prices around the world, Tesla (An American Company) became the bearer of the good news in the motor industry. The company sought to address the ever rising concern by venturing into the designing and manufacturing of electric cars. Model S is one of their renowned sedans, which is a perfect blend of Aston Martin and Jaguar, widely celebrated for being luxurious. In addition to the manufacturing
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In this book, we will take a close examination of the Tesla new model and old model.
1. First announcement: the very first time we got to hear of the Tesla old model was towards the end of June 2008, through a press release that hinted at the prospects the company was considering.
2. Unveiling Model S: In the early 2009, the company released the prototype Tesla Model S into the market. This was done during a press conference, another major step towards the realization of the company’s projection as they flexed their muscles in the motor industry.
3. Codename: WhiteStar: In the initial stages of research and development, this model was only known by the codename WhiteStar, which would later change to Model S. Your guess could be as good as mine, that the choice of the codename was symbolic of the company’s optimism to shine in the car industry, projecting into the far future.
4. Franz Von Holzhausen: While many institutions and persons enjoy the luxury and comfort that comes with the Tesla old model, it would only be fair to mention that the brain behind the styling/designing of the model was none other than Franz Von Holzhausen, a designer who was keen in seeing the world go green. Indeed, it would go undisputed that his great courage and determination bore tremendous contribution for generations to come, in making the world a better place to be.
5. Assembling point: the assembling of the various components started in Fremont, California. At
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