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Pestel : Political and legal: * strong impact of lobby * unions are powerful in US * subsidies to support R&D for alternative cars technologies (ex: governments supports investment in hydrogen powered vehicle research) * US government currently offers economic incentives to encourage electric vehicle ownership * Voluntary export restraints : 1981 Reagan administration to control exportations * Reinforcement of laws concerning safety of customers Economic: * increase of fuel price * high selling prices: not adapted to all customers (crisis since 2008, decrease of purchase power) * the big 3 automakers (GM, Ford, Chrysler) : they dominate US automotive industry social: * cars are…show more content…
Only all Electric commercial luxury/sports car (First mover advantage).Widely recognizable brand, due to both marketing efforts as well as the visual appeal of the company’s offeringsExcellent vehicle designGood engineering and technology research capabilityAble to raise large amounts of capital Strong technological expertise in the area of electric transmissions & drive train: designs and builds many of the components in its cars, including the power electronics, motor and battery packs. Ability to develop vehicles completely in house including the sub-assemblies requiredAlso a strong supplier to other manufacturers like Toyota Patents on most of the drivetrain and battery technologies utilized in their cars, allowing Tesla to remain well ahead of competitors | Low Brand Awareness: Few consumers distinguish between a hybrid and electricLow amount of Tesla service departmentsA very small company with small sales volume, so no economies of scale Possible supply problems with components, especially if demand increases The Tesla Roadster hasn’t been on the market for very

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