Tesla And The Purchase Of Tesla

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The purchase of Tesla was equal parts technical, and fundamental analysis. Tesla being one of my first big purchases of the game, I first checked the stock’s history. The stock has seen a large resurgence in February and was set to raise. Upon seeing this, I decided to check up on the Fundamentals of the company then decide whether or not to invest. At the time, Tesla was receiving quite a lot of media attention. This was because of their upcoming release of the Model X. The car would be able to seat 7 people, the first major electric car of it’s kind. With great fuel mileage, countless usb charging port, built in ventilation and tons of other features, no wonder the car was receiving so much media attention. The company’s newest car…show more content…
After checking up on the 50 and 200 day MA and bollinger bands, I made my purchase. Sure enough, the stock continued upwards in a bullish nature. I utilized both technical and fundamental aspects to make sure my purchase of Tesla was successful. Successful My investment in Tesla was successful. Looking at the fundamental and technical aspects of the company, I used the appropriate tools and made around $8 per stock. However, I do regret not holding on one or two days longer as I sold the stock during a dip section, losing out on even more potential gain. Overall, the investment was smart, timely and sucessful. I invested in Gilead Sciences near the end of the game. I stumbled upon the stock in NASDAQ’s unusual volume stocks section early in the month of April. In the past month, the stock has increased dramatically in volume and I took interest immediately. I began to look at the stock charts and saw the the stock has increased tremendously in the past few weeks. It looked like before, there was a steady section of up and down movement but since April, the stock began to be a bit more stable. I decided to closely monitor the stock. The bollinger band remained fairly neutral in this case and the stock 's movement was not the smoothest so I wasn’t confident just yet.doing some research on the fundamentals, I found that the health sciences industry was
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