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TESLA CASE STUDY INTRODUCTION Founded in 2003, Tesla is an electric car manufacture company that started in California, they are considered leader in its category. Tesla electric cars not only outsold Nissan Leaf and GM electric cars in US. Their latest Model S had also outsold BMW 7, Audi 8. Tesla is also targeting SUV consumers with their Model X. They are considering disruptors in the electric car market. With their advance innovation and stylish design, many consumers are willing to pay high price for Tesla performance car. Tesla has place themselves as a luxury brand with many consumers waiting for their new released backed order products. TESLA A TRUE DISRRUPTOR Electric car has been innovative to fight pollution problems in…show more content…
We can see that Tesla expanded their product line to target multiple consumers in different price range. The company started with high-end luxury sports car targeting early adaptors. On the second stage, Tesla has introduced Model S sedans that help them pass from difficult line from early adaptors to early majority. Moving forward, Tesla is introducing new Electric Vehicles (EV) cross over and many more affordable EV to target a larger majority. This strategy is helping Tesla move from one stage to the next one. The company is planning to release Model X in summer of 2015 and there are possibilities to introduce more affordable EV in the range of $30,000 dollars to compete with BMW 3 series in the fall of 2015. TESLA PSYCHOGRAPHIC MARKETING Tesla has successfully combined demographics and psychographics to market their products. Tesla Electric Vehicle (EV) has addressed current consumers needs and solve our pollution problems. Some of the psychographic information that can relate to the current consumers can be the following: • People are concerned with car pollution and environmental issues • EV have access to free HOV lanes, so users can save commute time • Tesla brand provide consumers feeling of style and technology • Model S marketing focus on speed, comfort and handling • Tesla EV Focus on potential cost saving on gas, reduce cost on service and repair. With the
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