Tesla Electric Cars: Leading the Way in Luxury, Performance and a Cleaner Future

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Tesla electric vehicles from Tesla Motors are gaining a reputation as the cars of the future. These models are not only known for their luxury features, acceleration, power, and nearly silent electric engines, but also for their green appeal. Individuals who can afford the hefty price tag are purchasing these vehicles because they are classy, fun to drive, and better for the environment than the standard gasoline car. Tesla Motors are leading the way in innovation in the American car industry with their Tesla electric models.
Tesla Motors is an American car company named in honor of the groundbreaking electrical engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla. The company was founded by Elon Musk, a 42 year-old Stanford drop-out and South African born billionaire, entrepreneur, and innovator in electrical engineering, space exploration, and solar power (Ener D1). Having made his first claim to fame via internet money exchange giant, PayPal, Musk would make another tidal wave via the auto industry with the high-performance class of Tesla all-electric sports cars, four doors, and SUVs. (Griffiths 42). Tesla electric cars first appeared as small, sporty two-seaters. On March 26, 2009, the Tesla Model S was released and marketed as the top-performing all-electric luxury SUV in its class. Considering the Model S’s impressive performance capacities, they make a sound argument. David Ener, writer for Canada’s “The Globe and Mail” newspaper describes his experience of driving the Model S

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