Tesla Final Paper

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Week 8 Team Assignment – Final Paper Tesla

February 21, 2015

Final Paper
Marketing strategy: Denmark
Based on Hofstede cultural dimensional analysis for Tesla, a high end premium automobile, it would require a higher individualism score. (The Hofstede Center, 2015). Moreover, based on the second dimension, power distance, Tesla’s main customers should be those wealthy individuals in Denmark with a vast amount of income that have a significant contribution to the society. (Hofstede Center, 2015). Thereafter, based on the third dimension, masculinity, Tesla would target the male audience that are driven by ambition and competition. (Johansson, 2012) Finally, by analyzing the last dimension uncertainty avoidance, Denmark has a low
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(Famous Natives, n.d.) Moroever, such partnerships could be a stepping stone into a television ad, magazine/newspaper articles, famous rock band events (held throughout the year in Denmark), etc. Such techniques would help drive brand marketing and loyalty campaign for Tesla. Apparently, in order to be sensitive to local Denmark needs, all marketing campaigns should be in the local Danish language, including television ads, magazine/newspaper articles, etc. Such tactic is essential to really target the wealthy Danish population. All such schemes are vital to promote brand loyalty for Tesla Motors. As we approach the marketing campaign kick-off time, it is necessary to hire a local Danish Manager to handle the campaign. Such a manager would be responsible and accountable for all aspects of communication and coordinating the event. Prior to the event, it is important to physically be present in planning the entire event with an official time and date that works around the Danish curfew. (Griffith, 2012)
Adaptation strategy: Denmark Some of the challenges facing Tesla are: cost of lithium will increase, dealing with competitors making similar automobiles and selling its automobile in the mass market.
Cost of lithium will increase Tesla Motors is anticipated to invest a lot of money in the billions range on an upcoming factory that makes just batteries.
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