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The strategic management is actually defined as the process in which an organization actually formats and also implements the plans which espouse the objectives and goals of that organization (Diana Wicks, 2011). The process of the strategic management is continuous and it changes with the evolution of the organizational goals and objectives.
1. Considering the 3 updated news, the following can be definitely mentioned.
Tesla model Y is going to be an absolutely new lower cost electric SUV. This one is said to have falcon doors as one of the future products. At the same time Elon Musk has also mentioned
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He sets lofty goals and sets out to achieve them with great speed”. It is a fact that Musk was considered as the inspiring and visionary entrepreneur having astronomical willingness and ambition for investing his own money on different problematic business ventures.
3. Three core competence of Tesla are as follows:
Battery pack: Over a lot of years the company has tested a huge number of batteries regarding the performance features. The company incorporated internal battery cell testing lab and also accumulated the database of extensive performance of the lithium ion vendors and chemistry types.
Power electronics: The major functions of the power electronics are, use of control of the torque generation within the motor while driving and also the control of energy delivery back within the battery pack while charging. The owners were able to charge the vehicle through any power source. A standard, 12 amp/110 volt wall outlet was able to charge the vehicle to its full capacity.
Control software: For the battery pack and the performance safety systems, Tesla vehicles had developed a lot of microprocessors and the sophisticated software. There were different algorithms, which generated a different sensation which drivers expected from an internal combustion engine, without applying pressure on the accelerator.
4. The five generic competitive strategies include
Product line strategy: The Company has introduced bigger

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