Tesla Motors, An American Company

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Tesla Motors Incorporated, an American company that designs, produces, and sells electric vehicles and their electric components, has become one of the fastest growing car companies in recent history. The company’s main goal was to start creating electric vehicles that were accessible and affordable to the public. Founded in 2003 and taking off successfully by 2009, Tesla Motors started selling the first mass-produced vehicle to use lithium-ion battery cells and hold a range of greater than 200 miles on just one charge. Along with building their own electric vehicle models, Tesla also builds electric powertrain components for vehicles from other automakers including cars such as the Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle. Tesla has begun to maximize on its success and clean technological innovations by creating synergies within its company as well as with other car companies. Tesla has expanded these synergies by releasing its EV technology patents to other car companies, building service centers for customer convenience, planning for an efficient and all-encompassing Supercharger Network, and even beginning to create battery-recycling programs. One of the biggest challenges for an electric based company such as Tesla is to create products that run as efficiently as fossil-fuel-powered vehicles while solely using EV technology. Tesla has proven it can rise to this challenge with the creation of its all-electric Roadster model, which can be compared to high-performance models from…

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