Tesla Motors, An Electric Power Train And Car Manufacturer

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Tesla Motors is a technology company, which manufactures and promotes in-house designs for technological components. Tesla Motors is an electric power train and car manufacturer, founded with the goal of providing an emission-less, cheaper and more reliable automotive vehicle rather than such with an IC engine. The auto manufacturing market is very competitive, especially for alternative fuel vehicles that has become more popular with the rise of environmental concerns. Company has a limited amount of direct competitors - the current direct competition includes all major luxury car manufacturers, plans for a sub-$40,000 electric vehicle potentially expand the direct competition to the entire automobile industry. (Ex.: Ford Motor Company, GM Corporation, etc.). Tesla’s market share is 1, 13% in Automotive sales in the U.S. which is not that much. In order to justify valuation it had to capture 14% of U.S. market share. PESTEL
This framework describes environmental variables and shows opportunities and threats for the company 's strategies. Any changes of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors man change the whole industry.
Tesla sells cars in many countries, like North America (a half of sales), Western Europe, and Asia. That means that the company has to deal with different political regulations. These regulations may influence the company’s operations.
The most important factor is laws to protect the environment.

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