Tesla Motors

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Tesla Motors

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction Chapter 4 2. Motivation 4 3. Research question and Sub questions 4 4. Interpretation 4 5. Scope/Delimitation 5 6. Methodology 6 6.1 Project type 6 6.2 Method 7 6.3 Theories and models used 7 6.4 Data collection 10 6.5 Structure 11 6.6 Critisium sources 11 7. Analysis 12 Part 1 12 7.1 Sub question 1 12 7.2 Sub question 2 17 Part 2 19 Tesla Financial 19 Part 3 23 7.3 Sub question 3 23 7.4 Sub question 4 24 7.5 Sub question 5 26 7.6 Sub question 6 28 7.7 Sub question 7
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Which are the Tesla Motors’ production advantages comparing to its competitors? (Value chain, VRIN) 2. How does Tesla portfolio look like? 3. What is the Tesla’s market size and structure? 4. How’s macro environment factors (PESTLE) impact on the market? 5. What are the characteristics of the industry Tesla performs in? 6. What is their competitors’ analysis? 7. What do the customers of Tesla look like in Danish market? 8. What are the disadvantages of electric car in the market?

4. Interpretation
Through “production advantages” we meant to identify and explain how is Tesla sustaining competitive advantage in the current market and what are their core competencies.
“Portfolio” can be explained as a description of the product range that Tesla has to offer.
The “market size” means how big the investments are, how much represents to the Danish market, the whole market value.
With “Macro environment factors” we wanted to exemplify and explain which are the factors that are influencing the Danish market, in general.
By saying “characteristics of industry”, we are rephrasing the data used within Porter’s 5 Forces model, along with their competitor analysis.

5. Scope / Delimitation

Our group description on internal analysis of specific company (Tesla) and an external analysis of the company environment. Our main focus is on external analysis which consists of market structure, PESTLE, Porter 5 Forces, competitor analysis, Customer

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