Tesla Motors, Inc.

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Tesla Motors, Inc. is the world leading electric automotive and energy storage company with several models of cars: The roadster, Model S, and the newly introduced Model X. The company was founded by Elon Musk. The company strives to provide clean energy driving and has set sights on providing the affordable electric car driving experience. It has undergone several rounds of funding with the Elon Musk funding the first round himself, The company was listed on the NASDAQ and is now a publicly traded company, it has partnered with Toyota recently to work on a new ERav 4 veichle. Tesla manufactures and builds cars in the United States of America Palo Alto, California is where they have their global corporate headquarters. They sell into the Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. They have a unique sales strategy and sell cars directly to consumers without third party dealerships. They have showrooms in malls where consumers can learn more about the car and place an order online. They operate in 22 American states with these showrooms. They have had to fight hard to maintain their current sales strategy of selling cars directly to consumer this is said to save consumers unto 8% on their luxury car purchase.

Supplier Power
Tesla Motors, Inc. operates out of California and therefore has to pay american based wages and pay. Elon Musk and Tesla have an extremely high supplier power because they must cater to North American needs first and American safety standards. Due to the…

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