Tesla Motors, Inc. Essay

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As a young automotive company, Tesla Motors, Inc. exhibits a list of strengths that has made the company successful with manufacturing and selling of their luxury electric vehicles (Eisler, 2016, p. 35). Tesla Motors, Inc. has a technological advantage in the battery market industry with their partnership with Panasonic. Panasonic and Tesla collaborated in the development of the Gigafactory, which “is designed to churn out cells for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with a combined energy storage capacity of 35 GWh per year – more than the total energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries produced worldwide in 2013” (Martin, 2014, p. 327). With the large capacity batteries, Tesla BEV’s driving range are incomparable to other competitor’s hybrid or electric plug-in vehicles. In addition to the company’s strengths, Tesla BEVs like the Roadster, Model S, Model X, and soon Model 3 operate strictly off electricity making these vehicles truly zero-emission because unlike other automotive competitors. Introducing BEVs was a change to the public that caused a rapid growth from a technological advancement that generated revenue in 2015 of over $4 billion that included 48% of sales from the U.S., 9% from Norway, 8% from China, and the remainder from other countries (Dalvagas, 2016). Tesla developed batteries with a charging capacity up to 300 miles due to the lack of charging stations (Mangram, 2012, p. 293). The BEVs can be charged from home instead of relying on a gas

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