Tesla Motors, Inc.

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Tesla Motors, Inc. was established in 2003 by the engineers with important mission: to change status quo and prove that electric car could change the automotive industry and the way how people travel every day, while providing luxury, eco-friendly and sustainable solution to decrease the impact of transportation on the environment. Tesla Roadster, the very first product of the company, released in 2008 was designed as electric, zero emission but luxury sports car that with great performance of 0-100 [km/h] in 3.7 seconds and range of 394km on a single electric charge (Tesla Motors Inc., 2014). Since then, Tesla Motors continues its mission to lead the change and introduced model S and model X as well as a growing network of Tesla-owned Supercharging stations to support the infrastructure and promote this innovative eco-friendly technology world-wide. Newest step in Tesla’s plan to transform electric (EV) automotive industry is to cooperate with other manufacturers of cars and use its cutting-edge technology in electric storage and open a new ‘battery gigafactory’ in Nevada, USA to lower the cost of such and to support the growing demand for own and other manufacturer’s products (Tesla Motors Inc., 2014). 18

Tesla Motor’s ethics, code of business conduct and corporate governance covers a wide range of practices, business processes and regulations. Although Tesla is a relatively new entrant to the automotive industry, it has

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