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INTRODUCTION Tesla Motors is a global enterprise specializing in the design, production, and marketing of electric powered vehicles founded in 2003 by the young businessman, Elon Musk. Elon is well known for co-founding paypal, and now he amazes the world again with his incredible vision of Tesla Motors, and being the main product architect. Tesla Motors appeals to the environmentally friendly market, by currently being the only company to sell a zero-emission sports car. Tesla’s fundamental motive and selling point is producing only electric vehicles, as opposed to competing companies, producing a combination hybrid, or diesel car. Tesla Motors remains in its primitive stages. Being a relatively young and emergent company, Tesla…show more content…
Their slogan is, “Burn rubber, not gasoline.” This is extremely beneficial for the company because it gives them a brand image and a concentration, as well as the ability to focus all of their efforts on being the best at electric vehicles. They’ve entirely ignored alternatives like diesel, ethanol, and hybrids. They’ve strayed from the known gas-electric hybrid, and plug-in hybrid to focus on their initial goal; zero-emissions, zero fuel. Competing companies like Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota are famous for the combination car, that can’t be considered a true electric vehicle without the plug-in and charge feature, and by still being partially fuel driven. On top of that, the Tesla Model S uses about half the energy of a Toyota Prius per mile, and achieves double the range. By focusing exclusively on the true electric vehicle, with a mindset that oil could run out one day, Tesla is unique and far ahead of the game. Not only does this provide the company an opportunity to focus all their efforts on the brand image, but it creates a loyal and devoted customer base, in a sense. Drivers with the mindset that electric vehicles are the future, like Tesla Motors, will share that vision with Tesla and continue to support and buy from them. Innovative Distribution Tesla Motors has confronted the market in an entirely unique way for the auto making business. Tesla plans to entirely bypass the dealer by providing vehicles directly to the consumer via the

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