Tesla Motors : Will Sparks Fly During The Automobile Industry?

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Tesla Motors (in 2013): Will Sparks Fly in the Automobile Industry?
Throughout the 20th century, GM, Ford, and Chrysler have held a firm grip on the U.S. car market. GM even was even able to control 50% of the market until about 1980. Ford and Chrysler also did considerable well during that period. However, globalization allowed foreign carmakers to maneuver their way into the U.S. market. Intensified competition then began to threaten the market shares of those leading companies. German companies entered the market with cars like Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW. They now currently own Porsche and Audi. The Japanese car industry have the luxury of owning cars such as the Honda, Toyota, and Nissan while Koreans have joined the market with
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It is important that they meet these standards to avoid major setback while tarnishing their brand reputation. The second variable to consider is the U.S. energy loan programs for research and development of new vehicle technology. Those were a few political factors Tesla has to face in order to remain successful in the market. Tesla has the chance to grow in the alternative energy industry to degree where they can begin to maximize profits. Because of the consistently rising gas prices, the demand for more efficient cars are more pronounced than before. Another factor is the recovery made by countries as a result of the 2008/2009 recession, simply because it plays a pivotal part on a customer’s purchase power. Increased environmental concerns are swaying people towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Society is now associating electric vehicles with an improved social status. Having said that, our ageing population is more likely to spend the necessary money for a premium car. Tesla has the advantage of owning the first all-electric car created through the use of innovation and technology. Features stem as significant as a fully electric car, to computerized safety and prevention. This not only improves the safety of these vehicles but also the convenience for present day cars as well as cars in the future. The automotive industry is very competitive and as time goes by, car manufacturers are being forced to use innovation to produce an

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