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Tesla Motors, some of you are very likely to bring you, even if others do not follow closely the world of electric cars may not much, in fact in Spain is very difficult to meet with Tesla on the street. I myself saw the first abroad.
Without wishing to belittle the other car manufacturers, Tesla Motors has gained in his ten years of life can be considered the brand of electric cars. Thus, he was born in 2003 as a manufacturer exclusively of 100% electric cars, with an eye to the future and investing with determination and no little risk for them.
Tesla Model S assembly

Born in Silicon Valley
How well we would come in Spain to have a Silicon Valley ... It was here that the brand you chose as name the name of a great inventor and engineer, of
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Again, some of you are very likely to also sounds you. And I do not mean just because you have done a cameo in the movie or because they have inspired a little in it for the movie character of true amateur flying armor millionaire, but also because it has been recognized by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world (and repeated several years and, since 2010).
And that Elon Musk has been an entrepreneur who began to amass his fortune just finished the race and has been present, or still is, in leading technology companies with a large business acumen from the internet into space, and, of course, the cars, the subject at hand. If you want to hear more about the history of this visionary do not fail to read the article we published in Future Motorpasión.
At first Musk was not the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tesla, but over the years finally took office itself, besides putting enough money on the table for the brand to go ahead, everything is by the way.
Tesla Roadster White
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It was in 2006 when it introduced its first model, the Tesla Roadster. Do you know what kind of car was it? Yes, exactly, electric sports, like three years ago that wanted to market. The Tesla Roadster was a two-seater less than four meters, removable roof, genetic Lotus, with rear-wheel drive, with between 252 and 292 hp depending on the version, some 394 km of autonomy, and it was also very fast.
At that time, the Fremont factory Tesla did not exist and was manufactured in Hethel (UK) and Menlo Park (USA). It was quite a demonstration of what an electric car could be, but yes, it was not cheap, costing about 100,000 euros (and even a bit more), but while much money was not so expensive if you took into account that his body was made of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber and batteries cost
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