Tesla's Impact on the Modern World Essay

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Tesla's Impact on the Modern World Thomas Alva Edison was declared the most important man of the century according to Time magazine. He graced the world with his incandescent bulb, powered by a rapidly growing electrical movement of which he was a major leader. What most people do not understand is the fact that if the “Wizard” had his way, there would be a power plant every several miles, scattered about the land like sprinkles on a cupcake. At the time, direct current was the only choice, inhibiting as it was. Then, thanks to a man names Nikola Tesla, an alternating current motor was invented, allowing much more efficient electricity travel. This is just one example of the impact Telsa has had on the modern world. The…show more content…
Where ever he went he counted his steps, and could not fully enjoy a meal unless he calculated the volume of every last morsel in sight. One of the more serious social phobias was his inability to touch other people’s hair. These and other eccentricities can not be directly pinpointed as to when they started, but it was sometime near the death of his brother Daniel. Before Daniel’s death he had often seen bright flashes that interfered with his vision. Tesla was afflicted by the same disorder. Apparently they were victims of violent photographic memories. This caused him trouble during childhood, but would prove invaluable later in life. Tesla’s father was a reverend of a small clergy. To enhance the boys’ mental capacity memory games. Tesla and his father would often play memory games. From the time of Tesla’s birth if was decided he would follow his father’s footsteps and join the clergy. Tesla did not share his father’s ideas about his future and let it be known. His father insisted though, until one day when it looked as if Tesla might die of a serious illness he had had for months. The sickly boy suggested that the idea of going to engineering school might help him recover. His father quickly enrolled him in the next semesters course and Tesla recovered within a week. Tesla turned out to be every teachers nightmare, constantly correcting or instantly answering the instructor’s questions. He studied twenty hours a day,
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