Tess and the Color Red Essay

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Tess and the Color Red For an artist as visually sensitive as Hardy, colour is of the first importance and significance, and there is one colour which literary catches the eye, and is meant to catch it, throughout the book. This colour is red, the colour of blood, which is associated with Tess from first to last. It dogs her, disturbs her, destroys her. She is full of it, she spills it, she loses it. Watching Tess' life we begin to see that her destiny is nothing more or less than the colour red You'll want to make a list of all the times the colour red appears in the novel, from the roses Alec gives Tess, to the monstrous red threshing machine, to the shedding of blood. Divide these images into…show more content…
Remember that Tess can see the world as beautiful one moment and ugly the next, especially when her mood changes. You may also want to discuss how we can tell what individual characters are feeling by how the landscape is described Angel can't forgive Tess for her past because he has idealized her as a virginal figure of rustic purity Discuss Hardy's writing style You'll want to devote a paragraph to each of Hardy's narrative techniques. The primary ones to consider are realistic storytelling; philosophical asides; balladry; poetry; and a classical tragic style that depends on coincidence and fate. Give concrete examples of each of these styles and discuss the purpose each serves in terms of forwarding the plot, expanding the themes, and developing the characters. Secondly you'll want to discuss how Hardy jumps from one style to another and how he interweaves them. Then you should discuss the ways these techniques work together to create a single vision of the world. symbolism can be seen in 'stains' such as trecle down back, blood from horse on tess, This is a symbol of a "stained" history, something not right...etc etc white = innocence, purity, tess and the white dress..., the dress get's stained.. Tess took place in rural England in the 1800's. Think about what you know about birds
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