Tessie-Personal Narrative

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Today was June 27th, 1913. We all gathered in the town square. My son, Dickie Delacroix, was gathering stones with the other boys. My husband was talking with the other men. I was nervous and anxious because it was the day of the lottery. I was chatting with Mrs, Dunbar, and we were wondering why Tessie wasn’t here yet. Eventually, Tessie hurriedly came through the town square. “Clean forgot what day it was,” Tessie explained to us. “You're still in time,” I said. “They’re still talking away up there.” Tessie then tapped me on the shoulder, then made her way up to the stage, because the Hutchinson’s were up to draw. Bill was the first one to draw, and then he got the one with the black dot. And then his wife, Tessie, got heated. She said,
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