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Chapter 15--The Job Search, Rsums, and Cover Letters 1. Well-informed job candidates know that the first step in the employment process is A. researching salary, benefits, and job stability in a chosen field. B. developing an effective résumé to be sent to prospective employers. C. locating a specific job opening at a desirable company. D. assessing their interests and qualifications. 2. Job seekers should ask themselves questions such as Do I want to work for someone else or be my own boss? and Would I rather work for a large or small company? to A. identify their interests. B. evaluate their qualifications. C. select a specific career path. D. research the hidden job market. 3. Job seekers should ask themselves…show more content…
14. Caitlin is starting a new job search. What is the best advice you can give her about preparing her résumé? A. Save time by preparing an all-purpose résumé that can be used to apply for any position. B. Prepare a functional résumé because this is the style that recruiters prefer. C. Prepare a customized résumé for every position she applies for. D. Make sure that her résumé is no longer than one page. 15. Because it quickly reveals a candidate 's education and experience record, most recruiters favor a(n) A. scannable résumé. B. functional résumé. C. chronological résumé. D. online résumé. 16. The goal of a résumé is A. winning an interview. B. listing your qualifications in a structured way. C. looking organized and professional. D. recognizing the skills you need to develop in the near future. 17. William, after many years working as an office manager, wants to change his career to computer sales. Because he does have some significant sales experience from many years ago, he should prepare a A. chronological style résumé. B. scannable résumé. C. online résumé. D. functional style résumé. 18. A chronological résumé style would be best for which of the following candidates? A. Amy, who has been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and is now reentering the workforce B. David, who has held five different positions with four different companies over the past three years C. Jessie, who has advanced
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