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Chapter 16: Mobile Marketing and Related Developments MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The adoption stage in which a new product has become a part of the user’s lifestyle is called: a. permanent adoption. b. loyalty. c. internalization. ANS: C REF: p. 441 2. ________ is a product characteristic that determines ease of adoption. a. Relative advantage b. Sustainable advantage c. Substitutability ANS: A REF: p. 441 3. Among the strategic implications of pervasive computing are: a. marketers must wait for customers to contact them. b. marketers must be able to contact customer near the time and place of purchase. c. content will become less important than context. ANS: B REF: p. 443 4.…show more content…
ANS: T REF: p. 455 10. Foursquare offers consumers the ability to check in on their phones and receive location-based promotions. ANS: T REF: p. 455 11. Retailers are uniformly pleased with the cost-effective traffic delivered by Groupon. ANS: F REF: p. 456 12. QR codes are limited to a small amount of data describing the product. ANS: F REF: p. 457 13. QR codes are limited in the media channels on which they can appear. ANS: F REF: p. 457 14. NFC stands for new format communications, an emerging competitor to QR codes. ANS: F REF: p. 459 15. The criteria for self-regulation of mobile marketing are significantly different from those previously applied to the wired Internet. ANS: F REF: p. 461 16. Digital convergence refers to a single large device that can satisfy all the requirements of a user. ANS: F REF: p. 462 17. SoLoMo is an acronym that describes the converged media environment. ANS: T REF: p. 462 18. Huffington Post has a business model that mirrors that of offline print newspapers. ANS: F REF: p. 464 ESSAY 1. Construct a scenario about a day in the life of a consumer in an environment that is characterized by pervasive computing and media convergence. ANS: This is an update of an essay question designed to get students to think about the world in which we all are living. You could make it
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