Test Bias And Test Equivalence

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Test Bias and Test Equivalence in Cross Cultural Testing
In recent decades we see a boom in globalization. With the different cultures coming close to each other due to technological globalization, economical globalization, political globalization, the national boundaries are fading. The consequence of this is the need of comparative studies. Van De Vijer, 1998 mentioned that the rapid change in our societal structure is increasing the interest in comparative studies. Now a days we often come across with news related to performance and ranking of students of different countries compared internationally. With the increase in the interest in international comparison tests of academic achievement like Programme for International
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For fair and valid assessment we need to know about test bias and equivalence. This study focused on articles that discuss about test bias and test equivalence in cross cultural testing.
Cross cultural testing is a psychometric measure like a measure of some construct which is used in different situations to compare test takers from different cultural background (Klerk 2008). With the increase in the comparisons or evaluation of students internationally through standardized test, the need of multiple language versions of the tests is increasing. One of the most importance issues in cross cultural testing is language. If a test is translated from English to some other language, it cannot be expected that both the versions will measure the contrast equally, the underlying sound and tone of a language can make a huge difference in the meaning of a sentence. To give equal ground to candidates taking a same exam in difference language, it should be adapted after taking into consideration the language culture of the respective groups. Not only language but societal cultural also plays a big role in student performance in international standardized tests because of the difference in specific phenomena and relationship in different cultures. So while constructing standardized international test, the universal nature of the test items is one of the biggest criteria. To achieve this universality one need
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