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1. According to Boyer, which of the following is true of New England families? C. While encountering serious legal restrictions, women were freer than their European counterparts 3. The explorations of Ponce de Leon, Navarez, and Coronado are important to American history for which of significance of the following? B. they discovered nothing 5. Which of the following factors helped in the ultimate survival of Jamestown? E. Political freedom and the recruitment of women 7. The chief purpose of the headright and patroonship systems was to... E. Increase the population of the colonies. 10. Which of the following is true of colonial New England? E. It was the least mercantilistic of the sections. 11. Which of the following is true of the…show more content…
C. It established separation of church and state, It granted suffrage to more people than most New England colonies 27. Which of the following is true of the Southern colonies? A. It lacked a large middle class. 28. By 1700, New England towns tended to show… C. A more heterogeneous philosophical makeup than earlier. 29. The French tended to attract stronger Indian support than the British primarily because… A. They made fewer demands on the Indian lands 30. Social mobility in the colonies tended to be based on… D. wealth 32. Slavery developed as an institution in the American South because… B. The indentured servant system failed to provide an adequate labour supply. 35. Mercantilism embodied which of the following? C. Private Property was subordinates to public good; Colonies were to serve as dumping grounds for excess labour. 36. Which of the following is a significant similarity in the early development of Jamestown and Plymouth? C. Private property and representative government were established early/ 37. Which of the following was true of the Middle colonies? D. They were settled by ethnically heterogeneous people, they became known as the “breadbasket” colonies. 38. The Restoration, the Glorious Revolution, the English Civil War, and Queen Anne’s War all represented D. events in which contributed to salutary neglect. 39. The trade and navigation acts were B. Generally accepted in the South, Beneficial to both England and the
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