Test-Enhanced Learning

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Throughout this research article “Test-Enhanced Learning: Taking Memory Tests Improves Long-Term Retention” by Henry L. Roediger, III, and Jeffrey D. Karpicke, they created a study that investigated the improvement of long-term memory through the practice of memory exams. These researchers conducted two experiments that helped determine whether restudying the material effects the enhancing of long-term memory. To determine this case, researchers used similar test effects from regular general educational test. These tests revolved around essay tests, multiple choice, and short answers. In experiment one, the participants had the option to either take the test on the material or study it again before taking a retention test. In the retention tests the participants will study the material multiple times before taking the exam within 5 minutes, one week, or one week later. In experiment two, the participants would be observed closely based on the number of study sessions. Afterward, they would take the exam once or multiple times depending on the amount of studying they have done.…show more content…
This learning condition would be manipulated within the participants*]]] For the final exam, the individuals has the option to take the exam in 5 minutes, in two days, or a week. The final exam were also manipulated within individuals. There were two phases involve in this experiment, the first phase had a four 7-minute period where the participants had to either study, restudy one of the passages, or take a recall test based on the passage. *Phase two had the participants to recall the passages after five minutes, two days, or a week after. For the results in the final test, the students that studied the passage twice were able to recall more than the students who studied
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