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1) Who should ThoughtWorks’ primary target audience be? Why?

IT project-managers with direct responsibility over the success of large-scale systems integration projects which are facing a compelling event, such as having no margin for error, being very complex or at-risk of failure.

These IT project-managers are referred to as “buyers or “heavy influencers” in the case, though they may be managers, CIOs, or technical decision makers.
The systems integration projects these IT heavy influencers manage can be either custom applications or a combination of that and package software implementation.

These projects feature a compelling event – such as having no margin for error or
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ThoughtWorks’ target audience is people who are responsible for the success of software integration projects. As the responsible parties here, their performance is largely determined by evaluating the project itself.

ThoughtWorks’ communications will motivate these IT decision-makers to seek out ThoughtWorks’ services by reinforcing the positive correlation between failed projects and negative career development, thereby stressing the importance of a project’s success. When ThoughtWorks’ target audience recognizes a certain project as important or complex and fears its potential failure – due to high risk, prior difficulties, or a combination of the two – they will be likely to seek out ThoughtWorks services.

5) What critical consumer insight do you recommend ThoughtWorks use to drive its communications? Why?

What benefit do I – the target audience – want? How do I want to feel?
The IT projects I’m responsible for have got to succeed; such important or complex projects will affect my organization and my career so I have to ensure their success.

What am I doing to get what I want now?
I seek the help of the IT consulting firm with the highest success rate in these situations…

What problem am I experiencing with what I am thinking/feeling/doing now? (But..)
…but hardly any of them can

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