Essay about Test: History of Michigan

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1.In 1820, the first steamboat sailed on the Great Lakes, as well as on the Detroit River. What was this vessel called? A) DeWitt Clinton B) Griffon C) Walk-in-the-Water D) Maid of the Mist 2.Begun in 1817 and completed in 1825, this 350-mile-long transportation route was the engineering marvel of its day. It enabled Michigan farmers to ship their products to Eastern cities and brought thousands of new settlers into the Michigan Territory. What was it called? A) The National Road B) Erie Canal C) Chicago Military Road D) Sault Ste. Marie Canal 3.In 1837, the Michigan State Legislature passed a Public Improvement Act, which authorized the governor to sell $5 million in bonds to fund the construction of what? A) two trans-peninsular canals…show more content…
Lansing, Michigan's first territorial governor 12.In 1850, Michigan voters approved a new constitution, which for the first time granted voting rights to what group(s) of people? A) blacks B) aliens (foreign-born immigrants) and Indians who renounced tribal loyalties C) women D) free white men who did not own property 13.A person in 19th-century America who believed that the institution of slavery needed to be done away with was referred to as a/an: A) polygamist B) abolitionist C) suffragist D) secessionist 14.During the 1840s and 1850s, a great era of reform swept across the United States. One issue in particular caused a great deal of excitement. It grew out of a movement called the Washington Society that had been founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1840. What did its members advocate? A) the prohibition of alcohol (forbidding its manufacture, sale and consumption) B) abolition of slavery C) greater civil rights for women, including the right to vote D) abolition of polygamy (as practiced by the Mormons as well as by some Utopian communities elsewhere in the U.S.) 15.The Michigan State Flag has a blue shield in the center with the word "Tuebor" printed on it. What was this word mean? A) Honor above all. B) I will defend. C) Victory or death. D) Truth and justice. 16.Michigan residents who were opposed to slavery organized a secret transportation system to assist escaped slaves reach free
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