Test Names : Fry Sight Word Inventory

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Test Names: Fry Sight-Word Inventory
Examiner: Amanda Stempihar
Date: March 5th, 2015
Text Number: 5.1
I. Assessment Description:
The Fry Sight-Word Inventory is an informal, criterion-referenced screener which measures high-frequency word achievement. Fry 's Instant Words have been determined as the most common words used in English ranked in order of frequency. Specifically, Fry found that twenty-five words make up approximately a third of all items published, one-hundred words comprise almost half of all of the words found in publications, and three-hundred words make up approximately sixty-five percent of all written material. The first three-hundred words on Fry’s list should be mastered by the end of corresponding grade levels, and lists four through ten should be mastered between fourth and fifth grades. Each hundred words are broken down even further into twenty-five words per list, according to difficulty and frequency, and should be assessed sequentially. The goal of progress monitoring high-frequency word mastery is to increase fluency on high-frequency words in order to further automaticity within our students’ reading, which ultimately impacts overall comprehension.
The inventory should be individually administered to students in order to accurately observe student automaticity with the high-frequency word recognition. Elementary students are frequently given this test in order to progress monitor high-frequency word mastery and general factors of fluency.

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