Test Paper: Questions on Issues and Practices in Human Resource Management

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Spring 2015 (HRMD 610) Test #2 (30% of the Course Grade) Instructions (read all carefully). 1. Please work alone; this is not a group assignment. Test 1 must be submitted to your assignment folder by 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday, March 17th. Start early! 2. LEO time governs. The university late penalty is 10 points per day late. The late penalty applies even 1 minute after the due date and time. 3. Please submit your answers only in a Word document to your individual student folder. Having the answers only makes it easier for me to grade. 4. Please be sure you have submitted the Word document you intended; posting the wrong document may cause you to be penalized, especially if it is late. Please, please double-check by opening…show more content…
Conduct checks only after you have interviewed the candidate and consider them viable. C. Ensure all candidates are subject to the same checks. D. All of the above. 6. If employers fail to check closely enough on a prospective employee who then commits a crime in the course of performing his/her job duties, they can be held liable for: A. quid pro quo. B. negligent hiring. C. loss of consortium. D. hostile environment. 7. _________ implies that there are clear links between the performance standards for a particular job and organizational objectives, and between the critical job elements identified through a job analysis and the dimensions to be rated on an appraisal form. A. relevance. B. reliability. C. acceptability. D. sensitivity. 8. If a rater is asked to assess an employee's performance over a 6- to 12-month period, _____ ratings may result, especially if information has been stored in a rater's memory according to irrelevant, oversimplistic, or otherwise faulty categories. A. objective B. biased C. impartial D. neutral 9. Which of the following is not a supervisory activity that should be done before a performance feedback interview? A. Set goals that you feel the employee should strive for. B. Communicate frequently with subordinates about their performance. C. Get training in performance appraisal interviewing. D. Plan to use a problem-solving approach rather than "tell-and-sell." 10. True or False. Retraining current workers for new jobs is more
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