Test Plan And Strategy For Testing

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CS522(A)_HW #3_13703 TEST PLAN Version # Implemented By Revision Date Approved By Approval Date Reason 1.0 Sarala Inturi Test Plan draft Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Test Scope 3) Test Objectives 4) Test Design 5) Roles & Responsibilities 6) Exit Criteria. 1. INTRODUCTION Amazon has contracted me, In order to do the testing and create the reports of their clients. This document will address the different standards that will apply to the unit, integration and system testing of the specified application. The testing of these reports will be based on clients “Project Name”. Throughout the testing process we will be applying the test documentation specifications. 2. Test…show more content…
 After entering he will click on Search Box to enter the name of the item.  List of Items will be Displayed he select the item which suitable for him. Test Case-1 TESTCASE ID and OBJECTIVE STEPS EXPECTED RESULTS ACTUAL RESULTS Pass/Fail Test case ID: 13703#1 Date:06/06/2015 Objective: Verify if the User can login and search with valid data 1.Open Mozilla Browser. 2. Type the url as www.amazon.com 3. Open amazon.com. 4. Go to Login Page. 5. Give the Login Credentials. 6.In the search field type Valid item name “Home Decors” and click on “Go” button. 7. List of Items will be displayed and select the one which You Like. 1.The Amazon home page opens. 2. should Logged into the application when we given a valid username and password. 3.List of Items with home decors should be displayed. 4) Click on the item you required. 1. Amazon home page is opened. 2. When i clicked login, login fields were shown. 3. Given valid User Name and password. 4.amazon home page shown with search button 5.Valid data with title home decors is displayed. Pass 5. Roles and Responsibilities Development Team Code Development Project Leader – John • To make sure Phase 1 is delivered to schedule and quality. • Ensure exit criteria are achieved prior to system test signoff • Regularly review testing progress
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