Test Preparation Strategy Analysis

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Briefly, summarize your current test preparation strategy I really would like to say that I am studying every day and taking the proper steps to achieve maximum test results, but here I am still catching up work on Sunday. One thing that I do have on my side is my test taking ability, part of what contributes to my inherent need to procrastinate. Cramming is the only way to describe my current test preparation strategy. List three strategies you can implement to improve your test preparation. Be specific in terms of how you will put these plans into action 1. Time Management- Relating back to what we have discussed earlier in the course the single most important strategy that I could implement in my test preparation, as well as my, course work in general is time management. I can sit here and preach about…show more content…
Nutrition and Fitness- Fitness wasn't included in the presentation but it should have been. Eating right isn't enough on its own for optimal health and wellness. Exercise does wonders for the body and the mind. It relieves built up stress that you may not have even been aware of, releases chemicals in your brain to help with relaxation, as well as a number of other health benefits. Through introspection, I know that my most productive weeks go hand in hand with the number of times that I worked out those weeks. I have slowly over the past few months worked out less and less to the point now it has been about two weeks since my last run. It has taken its toll. Along those lines over the past couple of weeks, I have developed a taste for Mountain Dew, I normally drink a gallon of water a day, and I have had more soda in the past week than almost the rest of the year combined. While I may not physically see the results of my current soda binge, I can feel it mentally and physically. My plan here is simple, finish the last Mt. Dew that I have and drink some water as well as reinstate my three to four workouts a week and start losing some weight in the
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