Test Report On Load Testing

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Xamarin Load Testing Tools More and more eCommerce companies fund and test consumer apps that are centered around mobility. Smartphones have invaded all aspects of people 's lives from business ordering to acting as personal assistants, and intelligence forecasts predict that smartphones will account for 59 percent of all phone usage by 2016.[1] Savvy companies don 't just develop, buy or release new consumer apps without testing them, and Xamarin 's cloud-based testing platform for enterprise apps and their user interfaces offers extraordinary business benefits by validating these applications in real-world business scenarios. A recent study found that consumers spend about 86 percent of their time on smartphones using apps.[2] Mobile…show more content…
You can track and monitor your tests, record test data, analyze performance issues and test on both Android and iOS. Automate testing on 2,000+ devices. Bridge the differences between operating systems with Xamarin 's automatic bridging code. Simplify the testing of international apps where regional traits, target audiences, time zones and language problems, such as right-to-left script, invalidate many testing successes of global products. Analyze the app 's performance at each step and for every feature. Prepare apps for immediate distribution on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Xamarin engineers can help developers to automate their tests for apps. Eliminate the need for staff involvement, which reduces the risk of human error, or bring in staff at key testing junctures if the eCommerce platform supports this kind of automatic notifications. Developers can test exhaustively with automatic testing at record-breaking speeds and minimal costs when compared to traditional testing. Testing on multiple devices isn 't a luxury in today 's environment of technical one-upmanship. Surveys show that manual testing has become less effective and more cost-prohibitive because it now requires developers to test their products on at least 134 devices just to cover 75 of the U.S. market.[3] Cross-Platform Support Xamarin isn 't required language for the testing, and any developer who 's familiar with .NET/C#
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