Essay about Test-Retest Reliability,

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1. Describe an example of test-retest reliability. Test-retest reliability is conducting the same test with the same respondents at different moments of time. For example, a group of participants is given a personality test and then are given the same is tested at a later time, maybe a month or year later (Kline, 2005). 2. If the correlation between test scores at Time 1 and Time 2 is 0.85, how would this be interpreted? The correlation between Time 1 and Time 2 is 0.85 and is significant (0.000); however, if the reliability drops from 0.85 it must be decided if the test needs to be reexamined (Kline, 2005). 3. What are some problems associated with reliability assessed via the test-retest method? The problem with reliability assessed…show more content…
6. Why is internal consistency such an easy way to assess reliability from a methodological perspective? The internal consistency has items that are intended to measure the same characteristic, and this makes it easier to establish reliability (Kline, 2005). For example, you can use 6 different items related to depression (Kline, 2005). 7. If you obtained a reliability estimate of 0.80 on a test, how would you interpret it and use the test? This is an acceptable value of alpha, making the test reliable (Kline, 2005). Chapter 8 1. If a Kendall’s coefficient of concordance of 0.70 is obtained, what type of data has been analyzed and what can be concluded about the reliability? The Kendall's coefficient of concordance is an index of interrater reliability of ordinal data, in this case indicating that the reliability is low (Kline, 2005). 2. If a Cohen’s kappa of 0.70 is obtained, what type of data has been analyzed and what can be concluded about the reliability? Cohen's kappa measures the agreement between two raters only, and it can be concluded that the reliability is low in this example (Kline, 2005). 3. What is reliability generalization? Reliability generalization examines reliability of scores from tests and detect the causes of measurement error (Kline, 2005). Compare and contrast inter-rater, test-retest, parallel-forms, and internal consistency reliability. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
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