Test Sample Vs. The Benchmark With 98 % Confidence

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Therefore, there is a significant difference between the average scores of the test sample compared to the benchmark with 98% confidence. In this case, the claim can be made that the test sample is statistically superior to the average benchmark by at least (3.25-2)/3.25 = 38.5-% and at most (3.25-2)/2 = 62.5% with 98% confidence.


The main issues found in heuristics #7 and #8 are partially due to the lack of awareness found in the RVCS. Specifically, the problems occur when one member of the group, denoted here as “User A”, needs to make necessary changes to a particular artifact or document, only to find that another group member, denoted here as “User B”, has checked the artifact or
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Moreover, upon checking the artifact back into the repository, “User B” can use the same comments made at checkout, or discard the checkout comments and make more accurate comments at check-in time. Finally, the “Mack Truck Theory” and “putting all the eggs in one basket” are words of warning and wisdom to be must be heeded. More than one manager should be given the RVCS administrative passwords so that in the event of an emergency, the “checked-out” state of an artifact or document can easily be reversed and undone. Then the group member who originally owned the lock can be notified of the emergency reversal of his or her checkout. With this software embellishment, suggestion and best practice, the issue no longer impedes further progress from being made. The worst case scenario is that task completion may be delayed, but less significantly. As group members now know what changes are being made and how long it will take to make them, more informed decisions can be made in a shorter time. Finally, these proposed changes and best practices regarding the RVCS automatically address the issue found the sixth heuristic. Although the project manager may find the task of accurately evaluating and accessing one’s productivity and proficiency using the RVCS a bit cumbersome, an administrative feature can be added to the RVCS to address the issue. A report or database view of check-ins sorted by user is an option that can be made available to the manager as to
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