Test Website/Collect Data. Check Google’S Search Console

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Test Website/Collect Data Check Google’s Search Console for 404 / 500 errors, duplicate content, missing titles and other technical errors Use Browseo to find technical errors, like 302 redirects that should be 301s Use Screaming Frog to find broken links, errors, and crawl problems Checked site speed with Google PageSpeed Tools Site responsive. Compatible with mobile device. (You can check it with a tool like Use an SEO Audit Tool to double-check everything once you’re live Check website at Create a spreadsheet so that you can calculate the following metrics every month: Total Unique visitors (users) Visitor-to-lead conversion rate (%) Lead-to-Customer conversion rate (%) On-Page SEO…show more content…
Use absolute URLs instead of relative ones Content is high-quality, relevant, fresh and at least 500 words in length. Target search phrase is included in page headline. Target search phrase is included in at least one sub-headline. Target search phrase is repeated three to 10 times within body copy. Page includes relevant images and/or graphics that help illustrate the target search phrase. Captions for images and/or graphics include the target search phrase. Content and/or tools and resources on the page are so good that visitors will want to share your link with others and post your link elsewhere. Location: If you are optimizing for specific country, state, city or regional names, be sure they are in your copy and perhaps in a page footer. No misspellings or poor grammar. Yes, the search engines downgrade for either. Inclusion of social media links and / or user discussion or reviews. Pages with active visitor interaction are scored higher than static pages. Title tag: Every page should have an HTML title (enclosed in tags). The title copy should be unique, include the target keyword or target phrase, and must be 70 characters or less (any longer, and Google will truncate it anyway). Consider appending your brand or company name at the end of your title tag to increase brand awareness. Using video, PowerPoint, audio, pdf, etc. Use well researched keywords Have an editorial calendar Use Google trends to learn what the trends are Use catchy
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