Testable Questions For Research

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A good scientific experiment has to answer a testable and well-defined question. It also has to be systematic and controlled. A Scientific experiment that lacks one these features will most likely be flawed. All experiments have to have a testable question. For a question to be testable, you have to be able to do an experiment to answer it. The question shouldn’t be too easy that you can’t even test it. “Will the growth of the plant be affected by the color of the light?” is an example of a testable question because you can design an experiment to answer this question. You can use 5 different colors with 5 similar plants and see and observe how their growth is affected for at least a week or more. A non-example of a testable question would be “Which is a better flavor of ice cream, vanilla or chocolate?” This is not a testable question because it is an opinionated question, and you do not need an experiment to answer it. In addition, an experiment should also have a well-defined question which means that it is clear and not vague. It also means that it is not too broad that it will take such a long time to answer, but it should not be too narrow that there’s no need for experimentation or research.…show more content…
In an experiment, there are variables that need to be controlled and observed. They are the independent and dependent variables and the control variables. The independent variable is the variable that you are testing. The dependent variable is what you observe for change. The control are the ones that stay the same. In the experiment “Will the growth of the plant be affected by the color of the light”, the plant that has the white light will be the control variable, while the plants that have different light colors will be the independent variable which is what is being tested. The dependent variable will be the growth of the plant since that is what you are measuring or
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