Testagrossa Agrees

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“Testagrossa Agrees” Discussion Questions Part 1 1. Testagrossa was said to be a man with a big round head on a very thin, skinny body. He wore a huge cloaked that drowned his figure making him look like a scarecrow. He had a flat face with a wide mouth, squashed nose, and green eyes. He seemed to have a very mysterious and mischievous look on his face. He seemed to be portrayed as a very uppity and active man who worked as a produce weigher. His job seemed to be enjoyable to him mainly because he earned some money and when he would weigh out the basket of peaches he would sneak one peach into his pocket, resulting in having 12 peaches in his pockets and all the way around his giant cloak everyday. When he was caught with all the…show more content…
When Testagrossa didn’t do what Serpenera wanted he started to beat him up. When Testagrossa still did not do what he wanted he pulled out a knife and stabbed Testagrossa. Part 3 1. Testagrossa seemed to have a very distant and unpleasant childhood. It included violence and crime from his father who beat his mother. It also involved him seeing his father get arrested and be involved violently with the law. This resulted in Testagrossa having good values and living a poor social status. He was very controlling and proper; for example, when he was playing games with the other kids he became the “leader” and no one disobeyed him they followed his rules and played the games that he wanted to play. He didn’t let anyone take advantage of him or be above him or in control. Part 4-6 1. The living conditions of the lower class are very dark and dangerous, especially for children. Most children try and go get an education at night since they can’t work during the day because they work full time in factories. In order to go to school during the day they would have to get permission from the factory boss, which would be very difficult and unlikely. Between working all day and struggling to live when the children go to school at night they are tired and worn out and have trouble paying attention causing them to fall asleep and want to do more exciting things, like go to a puppet show. The part where the young laborer talks about

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