Tested in Every Way

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Tested in Every Way: the Catholic Priesthood in Today’s Church, written by Christopher Ruddy, is a report and at the same time a reflection on the Seventh Annual Cardinal Bernardin Conference which was held in the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX in 2003 . Ruddy reports the voices of academic and pastoral expertise sharing about the challenges and the identity of being a priest. Besides of giving a report, the book opens up and finishes with the Ruddy’s insightful reflections.
Ruddy opens up with an “examination of the cultural and ecclesiological contexts of the priesthood in today’s church (13)”. In the first chapter of the book Ruddy mentions three challenges the church and priest are facing today: popular skepticism,
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What people expect from us is to be witnesses of living faith that is rooted in prayer and scripture (52). Ruddy’s brings into consideration what Paul VI said in his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi that: “modern man listens to witnesses more than to teachers, and if he does not listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.”
One thing that challenges me is that Americans expect from me to be a good preacher. The shortage of priesthood in the United States has led some communities to be without pastors. Bishops, in trying to give solution to the problems, have relayed on religious congregations whose members are from other cultures. If local priest have difficulties in preaching, the seminarians from other cultures will find it more difficult. One mayor factor is that those missionaries often lack ways to express themselves because of their limited language. Missionaries from other cultures need to give opinions on the matter. It is true that we are ministering in the United States and that we need to put all our effort to share the Word of God with clarity, but people need to see our struggles when dealing in a second language. I am sure that if we come into dialogue with American people, we, missionaries from other cultures, can find the support and help to improve our preaching. This is another aspect that Christopher Ruddy needs to reflect on.
Since I entered the seminary, I have questioned my
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