Testing A Dog Is Not For The Individual

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Training a dog is not for the fainthearted. It requires patience, repetition and praise. Keep in mind that some breeds are easier to train that others, but as one trainer told me "there are no dogs that fail, but the owners who fail." HOW TO GET STARTED To begin, there are a few supplies that should be at your disposal. Have treats ready to use for rewarding your dog while he is learning. This may be controversial, but for training purposes a choker chain works best. A good leash to attach to the choker chain will be needed in addition. Hold each training session a few times a day. Dogs lose their concentration after 10-15 minutes, Keep each session short and training will be easier for both of you. Any member of your family, that will interact with your dog, must go through the training with him also. After putting the choker chain and leash on your dog, have him sit. Say "sit" while pushing back on his rear end, The next step, while he is sitting, is to throw a treat in front of the dog, so that he can see it, but just out of his reach. When your pet gets up to go get the treat, give a sharp tug on the leash. Then put him back in the sitting position. This step may take a few tries before moving on. Remember that praise is important by saying "good boy," giving him a pat and a treat. As the dog progresses and you feel ready for the next step, put him in the sit position. Hold the leash loosely and walk in front of him. Turn your hand, palm out, saying stay. Each time
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